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NEW (09/25/08) Mini Brute HHO Generator. Click on "Products" above to see more.

Mini Brute, only 2" x 3", .300 mlpm - .700 mlpm* @ 12 amps with no PWM  118 degrees

* depending upon the container, seal and electrolite used. Test in the video uses Koolaid


Mini Brute Video 2



NEW! Total control MAP/O2-GL3 is now called the


MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer control w/red LED,

O2 voltage increase control w/yellow LED,

Generator active (on) lights - as many as needed, w/green LEDs. Never again wonder if your HHO generator blew a fuse.

The newest feature is of the GL3-P are the tuning ports which enable you to plug the mini plug into the MAP side and the O2 side and use your volt meter to visually monitor exactly what your system is doing while the vehicle is running.

All in the same small enclosure. Available Soon -


Above the all new MAP/MAF O2 with Green Generator LED monitors

Black/Dark Gray on the left and Black/White on the right

Comes with eight feet of eight lead cable to wire in to your car or truck

Nine-pin Molex connectors are available


Duel control MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer controls with HHO monitors-

Available now -


Below, The all new MAP/MAF Sensor Duel Edge Enhancer control with Green Generator LED monitors. This one is for three generators. We make them with one two or more lights. This unit is great for diesel cars/trucks.

Everyone should have Green Generator LED light monitors, here is why -

If one of your HHO generators builds up gunk, it will blow a fuse. Believe me, it will indeed happen to you, probably several times. If you are not using our SS Mesh system (SSM-6, low amps high output), it will happen on an ongoing basis. How many miles will you travel before you know this has happened?

 It is best to have more than one HHO water generator in your rig, and each generator should have it's own fuse (I find an unused service in my fuse box, run a wire and 1/2 of a fuse end into it and then place an inline fuse for that generator. From that positive wire at the generator connection I run a another wire back to wire #1 (green) at our MAP unit. If the fuse blows on that particular HHO water generator, the green LED light on the MAP control will also go out. This is how you know you must service that generator and replace the fuse.

Our Green Generator LED light monitors can save your system.

MAP/MAF Sensor Duel Edge Control is available now

$85 for one light model (MAP-GL1) and $10 for each additional  MAP-GL3 shown above.

Wires can exit out the back or bottom

Easy to understand install instructions come with each unit.



Duel control MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer controls -


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