New at HHO?

It seems that everyone wants an HHO system in their car or truck. However, If you have been told it is easy - you need more information.

HHO hydro systems consists of three major components:

1. The water generator. This unit produces HHO or hydrogen gas on demand. The better systems have two or more of these units working at the same time to produce HHO gas to be sent to the air intake manifold via one of the vacuum lines. Along with this water generator you may also use a "Bubbler", which acts as a flash-back arrestor..

2. A MAP (Mass Air Pressure) or MAF (Mass Air Flow) control. Our units are called a Duel MAP Sensor Enhancer Control. The one on my Volvo is called an IMP (Intake Manifold Pressure), they are sometimes call different titles. You need to control your air/fuel balance and the MAP/MAF if usually the best way to do this.

3. Oxygen or O2 sensor control. Most newer cars have O2 sensors, sometimes as many as four. Please understand that you can hook up your HHO water generator and your MAP control and actually get worse gas mileage. Yes, that is correct - worse gas mileage! Your O2 sensor may tell your ECU (main computer) that the system is oxygen (HHO) rich and up the fuel mixture. It could even go into "open loop" and send as much gas as possible - big time bad fuel mileage!

You also may wish to have a bubbler or flash-back arrestor for gas vehicles.

How are you controlling your O2 sensors? There are several ways you can do this: (1) You can add a 1/2 volt signal (or less) and this will lean out the system, on most cars - see our GL3-P, (2) Wrap the O2 sensors with twelve wraps of foil and copper wire and this will fool the system, (3) use O2 extenders, (4) an O2 dial controller from eBay. However you control your O2 sensors, using our MAP/MAF units will maximize your fuel savings.

Ask your Master Mechanic this question: "If I increase the voltage (.5 volts +or-) to my lead O2 sensor, will it lean out the fuel mixture?" On almost all vehicles the answer is yes.

NOTE: Each car/truck's fuel management system is different. It is wise to know a Master Mechanic who can answer your rather difficult questions.

Les Petrol

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